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about sandwizard

SandWizard is the largest and most established SandArt business in Australia.

With over 20 years of experience we provide quality products and creative entertainment to thousands of happy customers nationwide.

SandWizard provides educational fun that EVERYONE can enjoy, creative times, great fun with friends and a fantastic finished product.

From the largest range of designs to the finest quality products, there is so much to discover, create, see and do.

What is SandWizard SandArt?

SandWizard SandArt is a fun activity that children from the age of 3 - 103 years old can enjoy!

SandArt is essentially where you create your one of a kind Masterpiece using coloured sand.
The SandArt template card design has a sticky layer underneath, once the top film is peeled, you simply choose your desired coloured sand and sprinkle it over the peeled area. This allows the coloured sand to ONLY stick to the exposed sticky surface you have previously peeled.
You repeat this step peeling off all of the stickers including the background.
Once this is complete your SandArt Masterpiece is ready to be put into a protective plastic pocket or laminate to ensure it's vibrant colours will last forever for you to enjoy!

There is No Glue and No Mess!

This is a great activity for allowing children to creatively express themselves, whilst helping to develop their fine motor skills, enhancing colour recognition and improving their concentration levels.

SandArt is widely used within PreSchools, Schools, Child Care Centres, Community Groups, at corporate or family events, childrens birthday's, festivals, fundraising and of course in the home.

To see some examples of SandWizard SandArt please enjoy the video's below.


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Perfect For Corporate Events

SandWizard is an affordable, simple to book service perfect for many different business types.

Bring to your event an atmosphere that bursts with fun and enjoyment.

You will get the chance to see many happy smiling children who are so proud of their creation that they can’t wait to show their family members and friends.

This is what SandWizard is all about!

All we require on the day is access to power, we bring the rest.

If you need to entertain children, contact us now to bring some life and joy to your next event.

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No Glue. No Scissors, No Fuss, No Fighting!
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