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SandWizard is the largest and most established Sand Art business in Australia.

With 20 years of experience we provide quality products and creative entertainment to thousands of happy customers nationwide.

Enjoy educational fun, creative times, great fun with friends, and a fantastic finished product. From the largest range of designs to the finest quality products, there is so much to discover, create, see and do.

Sandart is fun!

What is SandWizard Sand Art?

Sand Art is a creative way in which children create their very own masterpiece using different coloured sands. With no scissors or glue needed SandWizard is an activity that anyone can enjoy between the ages of 3 to 103 Years Young!

SandWizard provides hours of FUN for EVERYONE – It is an activity that adults can do with their children!

It has been proven that SandWizard Sand Art assists in developing children’s fine motor skills, whilst alleviating stress and anxiety.

And best of all at the end of the activity your children will have their very own work of art they can take home to show their family and friends.

Profit Margins

An important part of any Fundraiser is the profit margin in which the organisation stands to make off the event. Below is a chart indicating how much profit your School, Kindergarden, OHSC etc can make off each Fundraising Box.

Fundraising Boxes SoldProfit Margin

Contents of a SandWizard Fundraising Box

Each SandWizard Fundraising Box will arrive to you complete and will include;

  • 1 x Cardboard Box with SandWizard Fundraising Sticker
  • 10 x Small Take Home Kits

Each individual Take Home Kit will include

  • 1 x Small Sand Art Card 13x18cm
  • 1 x Pack of 10 Coloured Sands
  • 1 x Bamboo Skewer
  • an Instruction Sheet
  • 1 x Money Envelope
  • 10 x SandWizard Flyers

Each Small Take Home Kit will retail for $5 each making the total of the box $50

Fundraising Box

How to Order SandWizard SandArt

Ordering your SandWizard Fundraising Boxes couldn’t be easier.  Simply email your Distributor with how many boxes you require  and in return your Distributor will confirm your email and provide you with an invoice for your order.

Please note that upon confirming, your order must be paid for in full to proceed.


Any unsold goods can be returned to your Distributor for a refund of $5 per pack. This must be done within  45 days from the original delivery date.

Please note all stock must be deemed “re-stockable” by the Distributor to receive a refund. This means the Take Home Kit must be intact with no items missing or damage occurring.

This point is non negotiable.

Refunds will be finalised within 7 days after receipt of the stock.


Upon receiving your Fundraising invoice from your Distributor, payment must be made in full to proceed with the ordering of stock. Delivery times as stipulated above.

Responsible Fundraising

Below are some responsible Fundraising guidelines to adhere to;

  • Adult supervision is a must at all times. 
  • Enjoy it. Don’t put too much pressure on children to sell their boxes.
  • Be open about your goals. It’s important that you are crystal clear about what you are fundraising for, so buyers know exactly what cause  they’re supporting.

If you have any questions, please contact your Head Office on 1800 770 451.


Here at SandWizard we are all about filling our children’s minds with creativity and not sugar!

SandWizard provides hours of fun for everyone!

Never colour outside the lines again!