Mini Swizzy Bulk Card Box “100”

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SandWizard is the largest and longest established SandArt business in Australia!

We provide quality products and creative entertainment to thousands of happy customers nationwide.

It is a fantastic fun activity, but also provides for great learning opportunities for children to creatively express themselves, whilst helping to develop their fine motor skills, enhancing colour recognition and improving concentration levels.

Take their learning to another level with SandWizard.

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If you are looking for a fun activity for children to enjoy, why not let them express their inner creativity and create their very own SandArt Masterpiece.

This activity is not only something fun, it will also educational assisting with children’s fine motor skills, colour recognition and concentration levels.

It’s perfect for Child Care Centres OSHC, Kindergarens, Schools and other Community Platforms.

We have our Mini Swizzy Bulk Card Boxes available which contain everything you will need to run the event in house with no fuss!

Our Mini Swizzy Box 2 “100” which will cater for 100 children and will include;

100x Small SandArt Cards (13x18cm)

100x Bamboo Skewers

12x 400g Tubs of Coloured Sand

100x Small Laminating Pockets

(If you are needing to cater for more children we also have a Bulk Pack for 50 and 200 children).

SandWizard is the creative FUN that EVERYONE can enjoy!

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 34 × 26 × 27 cm